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Board of Directors

Jesse Kemp

Mr. Jesse B. Kemp is an experienced Christian Educator who holds a B.A. with a three-pronged focus of music, Black Studies, and sociology and has a M.A. with an emphasis in Christian Education. He is also a classically trained professional jazz musician and composer/arranger. Mr. Kemp has worked with internationally acclaimed artists such as Joe Harris and Stanley Turrentine. In addition to his professional “gigs,” giving private lessons, and teaching music in community-based organizations and churches, Mr. Kemp worked closely with Dr. Nathan Davis to launch the ethnomusicology department at the University of Pittsburgh. As the work with Dr. Davis illustrates, Mr. Kemp has always had a deep commitment to education. As a result, he has a lifetime of training and experience addressing the educational, cultural, and spiritual needs of learners of all ages in community-based organizations, schools and universities, and churches. For example, Mr. Kemp and his wife (Loretta C. Kemp) co-founded the African American CAS (Centers for Advanced Studies) Council in the Pittsburgh Public Schools over 20 years ago. Its purpose was to support and encourage gifted Black high school students across the city, who were often isolated and overlooked. The Council remains vibrant and active with outstanding teacher/administrative support. In addition, Mr. Kemp has served on a number of community, faith-based, and professional boards in various capacities while in Pittsburgh, PA. One such board was a federal initiative (Youth Fair Chance) that gave control to the community to meet the needs of youth. Mr. Kemp was one of the board members who helped train and support staff and develop programming. Activities included academic support, a safe after-school haven with recreational activities, and initial exploration of post-secondary opportunities. The initiative also provided social-emotional growth opportunities, career exploration, and youth employment. Currently, Mr. Kemp is President of the Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Cornerstone Ministries, Inc.

Colleges/Universities (from which Directors received degrees): Andover Newton Theological School, Boston College, Boston University, Harvard College/University, Harvard Law School, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Suffolk University, University of New Hampshire, and the University of Pittsburgh

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