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by Inez Canada 

Shut In

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Inez Canada works as a Client Assistance Program Advocate at the Massachusetts Office on Disability. An experienced Advocate, Inez performs intellectually demanding work that requires creative problem solving with competence and compassion. Inez’s diligence, ingenuity, and enthusiasm are respected values that have opened opportunities for her to collaborate professionally and as a volunteer.

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I, Pour

Beautiful Black Butterfly

Currently, Inez serves on the Statewide Rehabilitation Council; tutors with the Cornerstone Ministries, Saturday Enrichment Program; and is developing a mentoring model for Alcorn State University, the HBCU from which she graduated. She has been licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since graduating from Harvard Law and passing the bar in 2003. Inez enjoys writing, reading, drawing, listening to music, and dabbling in crochet. She lives and works with an abiding joy that outshines adversity.

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