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Cornerstone Ministries, Inc. (CMI) is a “home away from home.”  The Greater Boston and Cambridge area continues to draw ethnically diverse people. This area is well-known and respected for educational and professional opportunities. Taking advantage of these can be a challenge (even for those born here). CMI offers spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and social support to people of diverse backgrounds. Children, youth, and young adults are a particular focus of CMI's multi-generational volunteer Board and staff. “Children are our future”—and the future starts now

Light for the Way…(2.147)/What is LIFE?

Light for the Way…(2.147)/What IS Life?
The “furnace of affliction” PURIFIES/REFINES our “heart.” We can restate it this way. Pain, suffering, troubles, etc. are God’s instrument to remove all that is impure/ NOT of FAITH, HOPE, or LOVE. Remember. These three (FAITH, HOPE, LOVE) are the core of God’s nature and character. They’re “divine attributes” (post 2.132). That’s why they’re ETERNAL—as only GOD is (1 Corinthians 13:13). How does affliction/pain, troubles, problems, etc. PURIFY? When things are going well, we can put on our best “face.” We can act as if we’ve got it “goin’ on,” that we’re “all that and a bag of chips.” But let trouble or even inconvenience come. Then we show our true nature and character. ...
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September 9, 2018 

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Summer 2018 starts early for one of the rising high school freshmen in the Saturday Enrichment Program. Find out why.

Dr. Thurman became the first African American dean of chapel of a traditionally white university.

Cornerstone Ministries will host its annual retreat on August 11, 2018. For further information contact us at

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