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Beautiful Black Butterfly

Beautiful Black ButterflyInez S. Canada
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At first glance


The delicate, sensational beauty

Full of color, full of grace

Vibrant, Awe inspiring

Majestic symmetry

From one glance


Look closer

Notice the delicate lines

Bloodlines that reach deep into time

Tracing back to a Creator

Who keeps us in the forefront of His mind

Each of us with a unique story

Told with fine scales of rich color sublime

Look deeper

Cogitate our struggles

In the cocoon of slave ships

Captured and siphoned to distant lands

Crowded and cramped

Some grew different wings

Oceans bear their bones

And speak not of grief it has seen

Beautiful Black butterfly

Twisted, we turned, turning, we twisted

Strengthened as we resisted

Presidents that owned our forefathers

And freed them as gifts

A Supreme Court that deemed us property

And counted us in fifths

Congress enacted laws, stripping basic rights

Morphed our wings but called it a fair fight 

Beautiful black butterfly

We illumined our vivid pigment

Amidst the cocoon of Jim Crow

When the winds of justice would not bear us up

We sat down to fight

We alighted

On buses

At lunch counters

In public spaces

Conscientious objectors

When forced to serve against our will 

Breaking the moulds that bid us accept, conform

Despite the country’s social ills

No longer accepting citizenship of a second-class

Time in cocoons cannot last

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