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Dr. Gail N. Kemp's Graduation

Dr. Gail N. Kemp Graduation

Cornerstone Ministries, Inc., takes great pleasure in announcing that Mrs. Gail N. Kemp (née King) received her doctoral “hood,” on May 18, 2018, from Boston University (Boston, MA). We are delighted to add Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) to Mrs. Kemp’s impressive résumé. Dr. Kemp received her Ph.D. in the field of clinical psychology from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The focus of her work is children, adolescents, and families. Her dissertation focused on the views of African American parents. Congratulations, Dr. Gail Kemp* for another significant achievement! We look forward to what lies ahead, as you continue to impact the world for good.


*This has been an eventful year.  Last spring, her husband (Joel B. Kemp) received his Ph.D. in Theology, specializing in the Hebrew Bible, from Boston College's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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