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Collection of Information

Cornerstone does not collect personal information without your knowledge while you are visiting our website. However, a third party such as Google Analytics, does (see “Google Analytics” section below).

Also, Cornerstone allows you to provide personal information on our website. The type of information we collect directly corresponds with the service you request. That is, you can make donations, offer your thoughts, opinions, concerns, ideas, personal experiences, questions and/or suggestions to our articles, materials, books, etc. The type of information we collect is only the information necessary to facilitate our response to your specific request, such as your name and contact information. Cornerstone may use this information in one of the ways set forth in the following section titled "Use of Information.

Cornerstone does not collect donor’s credit card or bank account information on any of the Cornerstone servers. If you make a donation, PayPal® will collect the information necessary to complete this transaction. All credit card donations or bank account information is handled by PayPal®, which is committed to full compliance with GDPR. Please consult their privacy and usage statements for a full explanation of their practices.

Use of Information

Cornerstone uses the information provided by you to:

Respond to your correspondence, questions, comments, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, concerns, or ideas.

Update, develop, design, and customize the content of our website to meet the needs, interests and requests of our audience.

Contact you via email to confirm specific resource or information requests, confirm subscription information, inform you of new services or features, or provide information we think may be of particular interest to you.

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